Our Family

Coming from a lineage of agricultural entrepreneurs, Nathan Kaiser was raised in an environment where love for the land and respect for natural resources were fundamental values. Since his earliest days, he has nurtured the dream of bringing to market products that reflect these values.

Today, Nathan has realized his dream by launching his own range of oat-based frozen desserts, showcasing Canadian ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

What makes the Kaiser frozen desserts so unique is not only their exceptional quality but also their family-sized format. Aware that there were not enough options on the market for large families like his own, Nathan created products that cater to the needs of all families. After all, with his own five children, he knows better than anyone the importance of sharing moments of happiness and indulgence as a family.

Each tub is much more than a simple treat: it is the result of a consuming passion for the land, a commitment to sustainability, and above all, an unconditional love for families near and far. Join Nathan on this flavorful adventure and discover the authentic pleasure of savoring products made with heart.